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Excellent service from start to finish. The report was easy to understand and they were only too happy to answer any questions I had afterwards. Thank you for an excellent service and after sales support.

Odette Tovey

Couldn’t believe the speed with which the results for our dog came back. I found them clear and easy to understand and we have now changed our dogs diet to eliminate some things she was showing a high reaction to. Definitely value for money.

A. Clemmo

Excellent service all round. Test was simple to do and results received within a week. I had already suspected my pup was sensitive to cheese and chicken and the test confirmed this! I also found out he is sensitive to grass and yaks. Definitely worth doing for your pet.

Linda Williams

Very pleased with the service received. Detailed results identifying potential triggers – made several adjustments to her (my pet) diet, and less treats from the table too! what can I say – a much happier lady (and owner!). Her fur is growing back nicely, and is far calmer overall and nearly back to her old self. I can’t thank you enough.

Julie W

Amazing customer service, really helpful and answered any questions promptly. This company genuinely cares for its customers 🙂

Emma Smith

Absolutely fantastic service! Took 4 days to arrive & 1 week after I posted I received my results! Such a simple & easy way to find out what could be irritating my dog! Thank you so much for all your help 🙂

Millie S

My fluffy black cat has had a problem with itching for years now often breaking skin and leaving some lovely red blood spots on my bed, since lockdown I decided to find out why and him this test. Best decision ever, within a few weeks of getting the test back I eliminated certain foods from his diet, namely cod, and the itching has ceased and my sheets are spotless!!! Would recommend to anyone, wish I’d of done it sooner.


I sent for a petfood intolerance kit for my cat. She seemed to be heaving some nights and slightly vomit. The reply came back of a few allergies, in particular, yoghurt. She loved to lick yoghurt pots out but thanks to the report, I’ve stopped that. She’s a lot better. Thankyou

Lynn Walters

I’d like to thank you for the service provided to me and my pet, Betsy

We have been to hell and back trying to eliminate certain things from her diet and when my friend found this test, I was hopeful and it turns out I was right to be.

I initially had an idea of what she’s really sensitive to and your test has confirmed my suspicions. They have also made my life easier with knowing what else I need to eradicate in our household for her mild sensitivities.

I can’t thank you guys enough. It might only be the same day of me receiving my results but I feel so positive and optimistic about them!

– A very grateful and happy pet owner ????


I ordered my pet intolerance test just before Christmas and it arrived very quickly. The instructions were clear and it came with a pre-paid returns bag. I posted it back on the 23rd (December) and the results came back on 6th January – I’d say this is pretty good going, especially as I’d cleverly timed this test with the festive period in the middle of a global pandemic!

I’ve taken note of the intolerances marked in red and removed them from her diet (mainly grains and white potato) and she is already feeling so much better and I’m seeing such an improvement in her! I cannot thank you enough, as it was horrendous seeing her so tormented by her food intolerances and not knowing where to begin!

Dana S

I wish to thank you so very much, the tests kit has been valuable tool in confirming what I had suspected was causing some of my dogs condition. The instruction was easy to follow and results came back quickly with very detailed results. They confirmed my suspicions and pleased to report that he has improved greatly. My vet had been giving steroids, injections etc to no avail so decided to investigate myself online which is how I found your website thankfully. The list will be very useful in avoiding certain foods and non food items. Thank you again you have helped give much needed relief. Bless you.


J Miniello

I bought this test after my elderly cat started having regular upset stomachs. The results showed us what we needed to avoid in his diet and since then, has been much, much happier. He has been more spritely, and like his old self since changing his cat food to one that didn’t have the identified, ‘problem’ ingredients. The whole process was really easy and the results received quickly. I had an issue where I had added my home address incorrectly, but customer services were easy to contact and corrected the order. Many thanks from a happy cat and owner.

Lyndsey Connor

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